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NOVARE - concept
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NOVARE - Buying Group

Our mission is to promote best practices and modern procurement processes in the tourism industry, to create a network of long term strategic alliances between members and between members and suppliers.
The aim of this alliance is to reduce and eliminate non-value added activities in the procurement process, to combine members’ purchasing power in order to receive better pricing and terms on the products and services they buy.

What is a Buying Group?

A Buying Group is the unity of similar independent businesses who come together to leverage their combined purchasing power in order to receive better pricing and terms on the products and services they buy,
better than they would if acting on their own.

Maximizing the benefits

Best pricing and payment terms, better products and services of high quality, professional legal representation and advice, all to ensure the efficiency of procurement and achieve significant savings for members.

Focus on your
core business!

Market research and analysis, supplier evaluation and contract negotiation, require a sustained investment of time and money made by Novare team in order to allow our members to devote more time to their core business development.

NOVARE Experience

The business experience of our team and industry statistics show that a 5% reduction in procurement costs is equivalent to a 30% increase in sales. This increased efficiency is the main engine of our members’ development.

Contract Procurement

Taking advantage of our team’s procurement experience, members place themselves in a much stronger financial position, being thus able to obtain and maintain low prices with all suppliers through annual contracts.

How to become a member

In order to become member, please see the dedicated page and fill out the appropriate membership form

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Advantages and benefits for members

Cost reduction

Lowering the purchasing cost of goods and services is done via our Procurement Partnership Program. A higher purchasing power and hence an increased bargaining power of the Group will allow for significant discounts.

Performing suppliers

We carefully select our domestic and international suppliers in order to meet or exceed our Customer's changing needs.
Our supplier selection process is rigurous!
We are constantly researching and reviewing the market to source and select the best products, services and suppliers. Our aim is to give our members complete peace of mind and reasure them that they will be provided with excellent quality, service and pricing.
All suppliers are: identified, evaluated, selected, validated, monitored and contracted.

Procurement process optimization

Procurement process optimization will be achieved by reducing the number of Purchase Orders placed with suppliers, by automating inventory management, by reducing the number of invoices and payments, by optimizing deliveries, etc. Accordingly, purchases will be made with less time and effort, and reduced costs.