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servicii legale
Who can become


Accredited Tourist establishments

All establishments must hold an operating license issued by the National Authority for Tourism.

Average accommodation

Any establishment that provides lodging and has a minimum of 20 rooms.

Adhesion form

If you wish to become a member please fill out the adhesion form.
The complexity of the data required ensures a strong future partnership.
Thank you for understanding!

gestiunea stocurilor
Advantages and benefits


A strategic alliance

The mentality of our Group with regards to supplier relationship is not one in which we will "shop around" every time when we look for a product or service in order to find the cheapest, on the contrary, is to form a long-term strategic alliance.
We try to know our suppliers, to learn how they operate, and to find the means by which we can eliminate non-value added activities, in order to lower the cost without affecting the profit.

Consolidated Purchase Orders

Suppliers who choose to work with us will receive consolidated Purchase Orders, instead of small individual orders, will issue fewer invoices and will have a smaller number of deliveries to make.
We are talking about removing a number of expenses (order processing, billing, customer communication, etc.) which will result in a lower cost for suppliers. As a result they will become more "attractive" for their customers, by offering better prices compared to their competitors.

Customer loyalty

Through long-term strategic alliances between Novare members and suppliers, suppliers will have repeated business, and members, committed suppliers.
Suppliers know that attracting new customers and retaining existing ones comes at a costs.